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Is Fox News Guilty of Extortion?

On July 24, 2016 the Sunday edition of The New York Times carried an article disclosing a significant pattern of sexual harassment at Fox News, a division of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation media empire.

Headlined At Fox News, Kisses, Innuendo, Propositions and Fears of Reprisal the piece focuses on Rudi Bakhtiar, who “came to Fox News Channel’s New York headquarters with a command of foreign policy, an appealing personality and a delivery that easily switched between light and serious.


I remember Rudi Bakhtiar from her days on camera at CNN. I was very disappointed when she moved to Fox News because I don’t, for the most part, watch it.
When I read that they had dropped her I couldn’t believe it. I should have suspected something like this because she was an excellent newscaster, very sharp and fluid. Seemingly knowledgeable about everything she addressed (i.e. not just a copy reader). And she was a stunning presence on the screen.
If there is any substance to what is alleged in this article, I don’t see why Fox News wouldn’t be the subject of a RICO investigation. This would be a sustained pattern of extortion. Just because it is not money, doesn’t mean that the victim is not being extorted. In fact, in this case, it deals with something more precious than money.