Health Care Myths Just Keep on Rollin’

19 Aug

Here is another example of how misunderstood or, more likely, misconstrued the details get in the debate over health care reform. In a post dated Wednesday, August 19, 2009 on a blog called, BLW wrote:

What is one thing sure to come from the government option, how about government employees, unionized government employees to be more exact. To give you some idea of what I’m talking about, the British National Health Administration is the worlds third largest employer, behind only the Communist Chinese Army and the Indian National Rail Road. We are just a hair bigger than Britain don’t you think? So how many new government employees do you think we will have? This is simply a way to feed the democratic/liberal cause with union members and the dues they pay. They will be depending on the government for their jobs. Bigger government just for you, don’t worry they can just raise taxes to pay for them. But don’t fret, the new government employees won’t have to endure the same health care as you as they will not be included in the new government option.

So, what’s wrong with that? Practically everything.

The British National Health Administration owns almost all of the hospitals, clinics, medical offices and diagnostic facilities. There are a very, very few private medical practices and facilities that cater to an extremely wealthy clientele that can pay totally out-of-pocket for what is typically called “Concierge” medical care.

What that means is that the entire British health care industry operates like the VA does. veterans go to a government-owned, VA operated facility and receive treatment from physicians who are either in the military, on payroll to the VA, or hired under a specific contract to work within a VA facility.

Anybody who thinks this is being proposed in the profferred legislation, or is even in the current discussion either doesn’t (or can’t) read, or is purposely distorting the facts.

Take out the administrators, doctors, nurses, nurses aides, lab technicians, radiology techs, cashiers, secretaries, cafeteria workers, supply personnel, janitors, maintenance staff and parking lot attendants and I bet the employee count in the British system would be quite small.

This is NUTS!!


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